Social Sc.

Unit 1 - Landscapes of Spain

  1. Earth's relief
  2. The relief of Spain
  3. The coastal relief of Spain
  4. The rivers of Spain
  5. Climates in Spain
  6. Landscapes of Spain

Unit 5* - We are citizens

  1. Living in a democracy
  2. Spain's regions
  3. Spain’s form of government
  4. Spain’s varied culture

Unit 3 - Contemporary Times

  1. Studying History
  2. The eras of prehistory and history + Project
  3. Early contemporary times

Unit 3 (II) - Spain in the 19th Century

    4. Spain at the beginning of the 19th century
    5. Spanish politics in the 19th century
    6. Spanish society in the 19th century
    Question time!

Unit 4 - The World at War

  1. The World at War
  2. World War I
  3. World War II
  4. World Wars Review Game*
  5. Cold War

Unit 4 (II) - Spain during the 20th Century

    5. Spain in the 20th century
    6. Years of war and dictatorship

Unit 2* - Landscapes of Europe

  1. The relief of Europe
  2. The coastal relief of Europe
  3. The rivers and lakes of Europe
  4. Climates and vegetation of Europe

Unit 6* - We are Europeans

  1. The European Union
  2. The institutions of the European Union
  3. The history of the European Union
  4. We are European citizens


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