Tuesday, 7 June 2022

My family's History

Hello, hello!
We're going to develop a super-duper interesting project in Social Science about the Civil War. But we're not going to talk about people in general: it will be about your family.

To do this,  you have to dig into your family's history to learn about this period.
The aim of this project is for you to learn more about your family and connect the real history of your family members to what happened in the recent years.
Some ideas you can ask them about:
In order to do so, you'll have to write a document in which you'll have to include the following aspects:

- Cover
- Short biography of the person interviewed
- Memories of the war
- What I've learnt...

You should write it down and then transcribe it to a Word document to turn it in.

This is an example that I did with my grandpa so you can see what I meant!

This is my grandpa nowadays:

Isn't he great?

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