Thursday, 23 September 2021

Unit 1 - Water changes Earth's relief

Hello, hello!
Today we're learning more about rivers and other masses of water:

We have added some terms to the unit such as:

  • Meanders
  • Erosion
  • Deposition
  • Delta
Parts of a river. Year 6

You can watch these videos to learn some more about water and how it changes the Earth's relief:

These are other ways in which water can  change the Earth's relief:

I hope you find these useful!
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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Unit 1 - The Earth's Relief

Hello, hello!
We've started the first unit of Social Science by learning about a very interesting theory of how the Earth's relief was created: the Theory of Tectonic Plates.

The Earth's relief study unit

Click on the previous picture to access the Study unit with the glossary on this topic with definitions, flash cards and games to review it.

Plate tectonics further info on BBC
You can learn more about Tectonic plates with the above link to the BBC website
Also, you can re-watch the video we've seen in class:

Or watch some more videos on Tectonic plates, Volcanoes and Earthquakes:

I hope you find these useful!
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Monday, 20 September 2021

Unit 1 - Multiplication and Division

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In Mathematics we're moving on to practise once more the basic operations: Multiplication and Division.

Multiplication and division. Year six

First of all, let's remember what a multiplication is:

Multiplication definition

Also, a multiplication has different parts:

Parts of a multiplication+

You can practise your multiplying skill with the following games:

On the other hand, we have divisions, which are...

Division definition

Division have four different parts:

Parts of a division

Also, Division and Multiplication are two inverse operations:

Multiplication and division as inverse operations

You can practise your division skills with the following games:

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Unit 1 - Natural Numbers

Hello, hello!
This week we've started working on Natural numbers.

Natural numbers. Place Value. Year 6

But first... What are natural numbers?

Definition of natural number

We've reviewed the rules to read and write the word form of natural numbers:

Word form of numbers from 1-20

Word form of numbers from 21 onward

We've also reviewed what Place Value is:

Place value of natural numbers

And we've learnt how to express a number in its Expanded form:

Expanded form of a natural number

Here you have some online games to practice these contents:

I hope you find this useful!
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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Ficha de correcciĂłn de Lengua Castellana

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Aquí tenéis, como os he prometido esta mañana la ficha corregida de Lengua Castellana de repaso de 5º.

¡Espero que os sirva!

Recordad que podéis hacer las imágenes más grandes haciendo click sobre ellas o con el botón derecho: Abrir imagen en pestaña nueva.

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