Friday, 14 January 2022

UNIT 3 - Eras of History

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In Social Science we're starting a project on the main eras of History.
As you know, historians have organised the events that happened in the past and classified them into different periods so we can understand them better. Each period has special characteristics and they end when there is a fundamental event that produces a major change.

To our culture, the following are the main eras of Prehistory and History and the main events that made each period change:

The main ages of Prehistory and History
The main ages of Prehistory and History

To learn more about these periods, we're going to work in pairs on different topics. The themes are the following:
  • Paleolithic
  • Neolithic
  • Metal ages
  • Mesopotamia *
  • Egypt *
  • Ancient Greece *
  • Ancient Rome *
  • Middle ages
  • Modern ages
The methodology we're going to use is Project-Based Learning. In this type of tasks, we need to follow a specific plan which is the following:
  1. Distribute the topics in groups.
  2. Inform ourselves on the important elements of our task.
  3. Compile relevant information and pictures about the different topics.
  4. Elaborate a digital presentation showing key aspects of the period or civilisation.
  5. Exhibit and explain the resulting presentation to the class.
  6. Reflect on the activity, our work and our learning.

Depending on your topic you'll have to look for different information. You can look it up here:

You have some useful links in the next table:

I hope you find this information useful! Bye, bye, butterflies!

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