School tasks from home

Hello, hello!
Here you'll find all the information on the tasks you'll have to fulfill during this Quarantine period.

Each week I'll upload a schedule with the planning of the tasks you'll have to work on.
Each day you'll have a special post with the resources and planning for that specific day.
On the specific table you'll have: on the left column a suggestion on the time you could invest to develop the different tasks. 

  • If it says "worksheet" it means you can check on the exercise by clicking on the link. 
  • If it says "Portfolio" it means you'll have to add it to the compilation of work you will have done by the end of the quarantine. You can either copy the headings completely in your notebook or the journal you decide. Another way to proceed is by printing the worksheets at home if you can. 
  • If it says "book" you can click on the link to access the page of the book so you can work on it.
You can learn more in this video I created with your questions:

Click on the pictures to access each day's planning:

Sunday 22

Monday 23
Tuesday 24
Wednesday 25
Thursday 26
Friday 27
Sunday 29 (Email to Miss Glitter)
Arts Challenge (DUE DATE - 5th April)

Monday 30
Tuesday 31
Wednesday 1
Thursday 2
Friday 3
Sunday 5

Monday 6
Tuesday 7
Opinion article

Here you have the recommendations I created for you to follow:

I thought that the best idea for us to keep in touch with each other and keep enthusiasm up is to share our ideas and pictures in a padlet board. Here you have the address:

3rd Term

Monday 27
Tuesday 28
Wednesday 29
Thursday 30
Friday 1
Sunday 3: Harry Potter Opinión Personal Capítulo 14

Monday 4
Tuesday 5
Wednesday 6
Thursday 7
Friday 8
Sunday 10

Monday 11
Tuesday 12
Wednesday 13
Thursday 14
Friday 15
Sunday 17

Monday 18
Tuesday 19
Wednesday 20
Thursday 21
Friday 22
Sunday 24

Monday 25
Tuesday 26
Wednesday 27
Thursday 28
Friday 29
Sunday 31

Monday 1
Tuesday 2
Wednesday 3
Thursday 4
Friday 5
Sunday 7

Monday 8
Tuesday 9
Wednesday 10
Thursday 11
Friday 12
Sunday 14

Take care, my darlings!


  1. Hi Remei
    In the social sc. worksheets one of the questions is:Explain in your own words the three events that marked the beginning of Contemporary Times.
    I've looked through the unit and only found 2 the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.
    Is there something I have missed or have I not looked enough?
    Thank you

    1. Hello there, Leyre. Yes, you're right. The question shouldn't be what "events" because the third cannot qualify for that label. They're referring to all the processes and changes that developed at the beginning of the Contemporary Times. So the third main development would have been the different social changes :)
      LoL ❤️