Tuesday, 7 April 2020

07/04 Tasks

Hello, hello!
Here you have the instructions and materials for this weeks' tasks. Also, you have the ones for today.

Now, here you have the instructions and materials for today.
On the left column you have a suggestion on the time you could invest to develop the different tasks.
  • If it says "Worksheet" it means you can check on the exercise by clicking on the link.
  • If it says "Portfolio" it means you'll have to add it to the compilation of work you will have done by the end of the quarantine. You can either copy the headings completely in your notebook or the journal you decide. Another way to proceed is by printing the worksheets at home if you can.
  • If it says "book" you can click on the link to access the page of the book so you can work on it.
1 (60’)
Reading Comprehension
2 (60’)
Fraction of a number
3 (60’)
Ortografía 4
4 (30’)
Review of the unit

Bye, bye, butterflies!
And again, don't forget that you can send me a comment if you have any doubts!


  1. Remei the audios of social are wrong becaus if you go to the trak 17 at th book isnt excercice 7. Lucia. C

    1. Lucía, please check again because I'm pretty sure it's correct. I checked too!

  2. Where are the answers of spanish, you have to add the answers of all the asignatures. PleAse