Monday, 9 November 2020

UNIT 1 - The musculoskeletal system

Hello, hello!
In Natural Science we're learning about muscles and bones. In this entry you'll find some activities, games and tasks to learn more about them.


The Musculoskeletal System - Natural Science Year 6

Bones and muscles

Bone or muscle? Juego para relacionar huesos y músculos en inglés
Bones or muscles trivia

Juego para identificar los huesos y músculos del cuerpo humano en inglés
Can you guess ? Which is which?
Here you have some videos to learn about bones, muscles and joints:

I hope you find these useful!
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  1. Hi Remei are the bones and the muscles going to be on the exam they are very messy.Martina.M

  2. Thanks it is very helpful to study the bones mi mom say it