Tuesday, 14 December 2021

How to conduct a research

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In today's lesson we're going to talk about data research.

 Choose a research question

In other words: decide what is it that you want to investigate about. Some examples could be:
- What is your favourite colour?
- What is your favourite celebration of the year?
- Which is the season you prefer?
- Which is your favourite anime?

In your report you will have to give an explanation about why you chose this question. Said differently: why do you want to know about this?

Conduct a survey

To do so, you'll have to tell people that you are doing some research and ask them to participate in your survey. If they agree, you can ask them the question and register their answer in your TALLY CHART.
It is optional to write down separately who they are.
If you want to enrich your investigation, you can also ask a follow up question and write it down. For example:
If the question is: what is your favourite sport; you can ask them why or if they like to watch it or practice it.

Analyze the data

Once you have collected at least 30 answers, you can declare the survey done. But remember: the more the better! If you can find more people, your research will be more accurate and represent a bigger population!
Now is the time to analyze your answers. Number each category and describe the data objectively. For example:

"Eleven people have chosen the Bahamas as their favourite destination for holidays.
Eight people have chosen Japan to go.
Three people chose the Canary Islands.
One person chose the USA as their favourite place for vacations."

In this section you also have to include a graph with the results. It should stand out and be bold!

Discuss the results

In this section you have to write a composition that answers these questions:
  • Which is the most chosen option? Do you know why? (in this second part you need to guess and give your opinion)
  • Which is the least chosen option? Why do you think it's the case? (again, your opinion)
  • Is there any tie? Why do you think this happened?
Also, you can give your opinion about every piece of data by writing down if it surprised you or if you expected that to be the result.

For example:
"Real Madrid was the most chosen option. I believe this happened because more and more people are starting to lose faith in what Barça is doing now that Messi is not in the team. It didn't surprise me I reckon that people tend to leave what they don't like anymore and this is what happens here, in my opinion."

In this part you can also support your opinions with the follow-up questions you asked (if you did) to give more information about the answers you were given.

Give a conclusion

Last, you'll have to close your report by telling what you've learned about this research. First you'll have to mention again the most chosen and the least chosen and then you can go on to tell if you liked conducting it, what was your favourite part (if there is any), what has been the most striking result to you, and what other questions you could have asked.

Write down the report

Once you have done all this and it is corrected, you can go on to the computer and write down your report.
Keep up the good work!


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