Thursday, 15 December 2022

[ENGLISH] Writing an email

Hello, hello!
Here you have an email from your friend Joanna. Turn it in next Monday:

Remember that:

An e-mail has to be friendly and personal. But you need to organize your ideas and use some special phrases. 
Make sure you use some of these: 
GREETING: greet the other person 
• Hi --------, • Hello ---------, • Dear ------------, 

OPENING PARAGRAPH: react to their e-mail and ask them how they are feeling 
• It’s nice / great / good to hear from you. 
 • It’s nice/great/good to read your e-mail. 
 • I’m glad to hear your news. 
 • I’m excited about… (your news.) 
• It’s great to hear that… 
• I’m sorry to hear that… 
• I’m really sorry to read your news. 
 • Thanks a lot for writing! 
• It was good to receive your e-mail. 
 • Thank you very much for your e-mail. 
 • Hope you are doing well. 
 • How’s it going? 
 • How are you (doing)? 
• How are things (going)? 

MAIN PARAGRAPHS: Deal with important points and information 
• Let me tell you more about myself… 
• I wanted to share with you… 

CLOSING PARAGRAPH: Start to say goodbye. Wish them well and ask them to reply. 
• Well, it’s time to say goodbye 
• Anyway, I have to go now 
• I really hope to hear from you soon 
• I’m looking forward to hearing from you 
 • Make sure you write back soon 

GOODBYE: An expression in which you definitely say goodbye 
 • Best wishes, 
• Best, 
• Sincerely, 
• Take care, 
• Lots of love, 
• Read you soon, 
• Regards, 

Now, write back at Joanna and let her know.

Keep up with the good work!


  1. Remei do we have do it for you or can we do it for anyone else?


  2. Remei sorry for messing you up, now I understand where to write it Mae