Friday, 11 November 2022

Unit 2 The Digestive System

Hello, hello!
In this unit we're learning about the parts of the digestive system and how it functions to digest food

Here you have a real video of how food is processed in our digestive system

How does it work?

Here you have a test...

Some of you were asking about how constipation and diarrhoea happened. Here you have the explanation:



 I hope you find these useful!
Bye, bye, butterflies!

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  1. WOW, what incredible drwaing!! jaja, I remeber whan you did it to us. The highschool is not much difficult as they always say, i though i was going to fail all the exams but it isn't like that. But is true that the teachers don't really care much about you, well, you made us belive that :3 anyway, i can't complain about the teachers that i have. One thing i love, is how my maths teacher explains, I understand EVERYTHING! Anyway, you know you are the best and almost I forget, maybe we go to visit you when they give us the marks. Miss you.
    From youre favorite student :D