Monday, 25 November 2019


  1. My brothers and I ate ¼ of a pizza (each of us). We are Samuel, Saúl and David. How many are there left?
  2. There are 8 members in my house (counting the pets too, obvs). Two of them are fishes, one of them is a hamster, another is a dog and the rest are humans. The humans are two boys and two girls. Represent these as fractions.
  3. There is a donut cut into four pieces. I take 2/4 of the donut. How many are there now?
  4. There are five bedrooms in a house with 24 people. In the red room there are eight people. In the yellow room there are six people. In the green one there are three people only. In the blue one there are four people. Finally, in the purple one there are three people. Represent these as fractions.
  5. Helen’s team scores seven goals in a match. Helen scored three of them. Tiffany scored two. Sarah scored one. Finally, Emma also scored one goal. Represent these numbers as fractions.
  6. We are four members in my family. My mum is blonde. My dad has black hair just like me and my sister. Express these as fractions.
  7. I bought twelve candies. I want to share it equally amongt my six friends. How many candies will they receive each? Represent the answer with fractions.
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  9. In my house there are four people. Two are blonde haired, the other two are black-haired. Represent the answer with a fraction.
  10. In the veterinary clinic there are eight pets and four humans. There are two dogs, two hamsters and four cats. There are two children and their parents. Represent these as fractions.
  11. Remei and Cristina are going to have a pizza. The pizza is cut into six pieces. Remei wants three. Cris wants two. How many are there left for Adrián?
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  13. In the Haunted House there are five floors. In the first floor there are two mice and six ghosts. On the second one, there are four pirates, six witches and two black cats. In the landing of the third floor there are six mice and four ghosts. On the fourth one seven witches have infested the bedroom. Finally, on the fifth floor there are twelve pirates. In total there are forty-nine animals and people altogether. Represent the answer with fractions.
  14. I am ten years old. When I was two, I went to Paris and Milan. When I was four, I went to Andorra. When I was six, I went to Galicia. When I was seven, I went to the Canary Island. With eight I went to Santander. With nine I went to London. With ten I went to Burgos. Represent as fractions how old I was when I went to each place.
  15. In my house there are four members (counting the cat, obvs). My mum gave me five dog plushes but I took only two of them. My mum took one. My dad took one. I gave one to my cat. Represent these with fractions.
  16. In my house there are ten members counting the pets. Four of them are fishes, one of them is a turtle, and the rest are humans. Represent these as fractions.
  17. Carla and Irene went to a restaurant. They ordered five nuggets. Carla ate two. Irene ate one. How many did they eat in total? Represent it with fractions.
  18. In my house there are eight bricks of milk. Three are full, four are mid-full and one is empty. Express these numbers as fractions.
  19. I have thirteen days on my Summer Camp. Six are for going to the beach. Three days we’re going to the forest. How many days are we going to the mountain if they cancelled one? Represent it with fractions.
  20. Iris has nine pets. Five of them are cats. Three are turtles. One of them is a dog. Can you represent this zoo as a fraction?
  21. In a pizza shop there are three big pizzas, one has pepperoni, the others are barbacue flavour. Represent these as fractios.
  22. In Ravenclaw there are six members. Three are wearing blue jeans. Two green jeans. One is wearing red jeans. Represent them as fractions.

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