Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Notebook and Written Production assessment

Hello, hello!
This week we've started one of our new management procedures: our notebook's assessment. This is why I'm taking the time to write this explanatory entry on how the rubrics and stamps work. Here we go!

First, you have in your diaries a copy of the full rubric for your notebooks:

Notebook assessment rubric
Click to download the Notebook assessment rubric
Every time we finish a unit, we'll review how well we've done on our journals. Nevertheless, we won't do it on this rubric, but on a simplified one that you'll stamp on the last page of the unit:

This is the resource we'll use to mark the grade of accomplishment of each indicator. The top mark is a 16!

Written Production Rubric
Click to download the Written Production Rubric
Here you have the correction rubric for compositions, essays and any other written productions. What we'll use is another simplified version of it to mark the grade of accomplishment of each indicator:

The top mark in these type of productions is 32. Also, the corrections marks that we follow are these:
Correction symbols for written productions
Click to download the Correction symbols for written productions
Finally, as you know, we're writing Personal opinions about each Harry Potter chapter we read, and those productions need to follow these instructions:

Instrucciones para escribir la opinión personal de los capítulos de Harry Potter 1
Click para descargar las instrucciones de la tarea de lectura de Harry Potter 1
Also, the assessment will be conducted with a similar rubric:

Rúbrica para corrección de texto escritos
Haz click para descargar la rúbrica de producciones escritas en español
The tool we'll use is the same stamp as before but changing "Word order" by "Accents".

I hope these solve your doubts about the assessment of these items.
Make sure you enjoy your weekend now!
Bye, bye, butterflies! 🦋🦋

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