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Unit 2 - Hobbies and leisure vocabulary

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In this unit we're learning about the vocabulary on Hobbies and Leisure. As you know, we use lists of vocabulary for a B1 level so... We now know plenty of terms!

Hobbies and leisure vocabulary. B1 vocabulary

These are the main terms we should know about this topic:
Here you also have the definitions:


archaeology  the study of the past, based on objects or parts of buildings that are found in the ground
camera  a piece of equipment that you use for taking photographs or moving pictures
chess  a game for two people that is played on a chessboard (= a board with 64 black and white squares). Each player has 16 pieces which can be moved according to fixed rules.
club  a group of people who meet regularly to share an interest, do sport, etc.; the place where they meet
collect  to get and keep together a number of objects of a particular type over a period of time as a hobby
collector  a person who collects things as a hobby or as part of their job
collection  a group of objects of a particular type that sb has collected as a hobby
computer  an electronic machine that can store, find and arrange information, calculate amounts and control other machines
cookery  the skill or activity of preparing and cooking food
dancing  a series of steps and movements which you do to music
drama  a play for the theatre, radio or TV
drawing  making a picture or diagram of sth with a pencil, pen, etc. but not using paint
dressmaking  making women's clothes
fiction  stories, novels, etc. which describe events and people that are not real
keep fit  physical exercises that you do, usually in a class with other people, to improve your strength and stay healthy
gallery  a building or room where works of art are shown to the public
guitar  a type of musical instrument with strings that you play with your fingers or with a plectrum (= a small piece of
jogging  running slowly, especially as a form of exercise
join in  to take part in an activity
keen on  very interested in sth; wanting to do sth
membership  the state of being a member of a group, organization, etc.
model  a copy of sth that is usually smaller than the real thing
museum  a building where collections of valuable and interesting objects are kept and shown to the public
music  an arrangement of sounds in patterns to be sung or played on instruments
paint  to make a picture of sb / sth using paints
painting  the act of painting pictures or buildings
photography  the skill or process of taking photographs
playing card  one of a set of 52 small pieces of card with shapes or pictures on them that are used for playing games
wildlife  animals, birds, insects, etc. that are wild and live in a natural environment

Here you have some games you can play to, in order to reinforce their meanings, their spelling and how to use them:

I hope you find these useful!
Bye, bye, butterflies! 🦋

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