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Unit 9 - Vocabulary: Work and jobs

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In this unit we're learning about the key vocabulary related to Work and Jobs.

Unit 9 - Vocabulary by Slidely Photo Gallery

This is the B1 list of the vocabulary we're learning about with the definitions:

architect (n)
a person whose job is to design buildings
artist (n)
a person who produces art, especially paintings or drawings
athlete (n)
a person who can run, jump, etc. very well, especially one who takes part in sports competitions, etc.
banker (n)
a person who owns or has an important job in a bank
businessman / businesswoman (n)
a person who works in business, especially in a top position
butcher (n)
a person who sells meat
cameraman (n)
a person whose job is to operate a camera for a film or a TV company
captain (n)
the person who is in command of a ship or an aircraft
carpenter (n)
a person whose job is to make things from wood
chef (n)
a professional cook, especially the head cook in a hotel, restaurant, etc.
chemist (n)
a person who prepares and sells medicines
clerk (n)
a person whose job is to do written work or look after records or accounts in an office, bank, court of law, etc.
cook (n)
a person who cooks
dancer (n)
a person who dances, often as a job
dentist (n)
a person whose job is to look after people’s teeth
designer (n)
a person whose job is to make drawings or plans showing how sth will be made
detective (n)
a person, especially a police officer, who tries to solve crimes
director (n)
a person who manages or controls a company or organization
disc jockey (n)
a person who plays records and talks about music on the radio or in a club
diver (n)
a person who swims under the surface of water using special equipment
doctor (n)
a person who has been trained in medicine and who treats people who are ill
engineer (n)
a person whose job is to design, build or repair engines, machines, etc.
farmer (n)
a person who owns or manages a farm
firefighter (n)
a man whose job is to stop fires
greengrocer (n)
a person who has a shop that sells fruit and vegetables
grocer (n)
a person who has a shop that sells food and other things for the home
hairdresser (n)
a person whose job is to cut, shape, colour, etc. hair
instructor (n)
a person whose job is to teach a practical skill or sport
interpreter (n)
a person whose job is to translate what sb is saying immediately into another language
journalist (n)
a person whose job is to collect and write about news in newspapers and magazines or to talk about it on the TV or radio
judge (n)
a person in a court of law whose job is to decide how criminals should be punished and to make legal decisions
lawyer (n)
a person who has a certificate in law
lecturer (n)
a person who gives talks to teach people about a subject, especially as a job in a university
librarian (n)
a person who works in or is in charge of a library
manager (n)
a man or woman who controls an organization or part of an organization
mechanic (n)
a person whose job is to repair and work with machines
model (n)
a person who is employed to wear clothes at a fashion show or for magazine photographs
musician (n)
a person who plays a musical instrument or writes music, especially as a job
novelist (n)
a person who writes novels
nurse (n)
a person who is trained to look after sick or injured people
officer (n)
a person who is in a position of authority in the armed forces
photographer (n)
a person who takes photographs
pilot (n)
a person who flies an aircraft
policeman / policewoman / police officer (n)
a member of the police
politician (n)
a person whose job is in politics, especially one who is a member of parliament or of the government
postal worker (n)
a person whose job is to collect letters, packages, etc. and take them to people’s houses
presenter (n)
a person who introduces a TV or radio programme
producer (n)
a person who arranges for sb to make a programme for TV or radio, or a record
reporter (n)
a person who writes about the news in a newspaper or speaks about it on the TV or radio
sailor (n)
a person who works on a ship or a person who sails a boat
salesman / saleswoman (n)
a person whose job is selling things to people
scientist (n)
a person who studies or teaches science, especially biology, chemistry or physics
secretary (n)
a person who works in an office. A secretary types letters, answers the telephone, keeps records, etc.
shop assistant (n)
a person who works in a shop
soldier (n)
a member of an army
taxi driver (n)
a person who drives a taxi
teacher (n)
a person whose job is to teach, especially in a school or college
waiter (n)
a man whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant, etc.
waitress (n)
a woman whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant, etc.
writer (n)
a person who writes, especially one whose job is to write books, articles, stories, etc.

Here you have some games related to this topic so you can practice spelling, the vocabulary and writing:

I hope you found these useful!
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  1. Remei need some help urgent please. The girls are telling me that the proyect of social needs to be in english and the problem is that I've allredy printed in spanish does it need to be in english?😫😫
    Pd:What do I need to copy of English

    Martina M

    1. Hello, Martina. I'm sorry to answer so late, but I was out. Yes, the project is in English as we said in class. I know it's more work, but as I showed you in my example, you have to do a summary of every section in English because that is the language in which we learn Social Sciences. If you cannot print it again, just bring a pendrive with the document and we'll print it in school. I'm very excited to see what you found out about your family history!