Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Unit 9 - Talking about the future

Hello, hello!
In this unit we're reviewing all the ways we can talk about the future:

First of all, let's review the different expressions we can use to talk about the future:

Different ways to talk about the future. B1

Here is the explanation about the uses of each verb tense with a few examples:

Talking about the future - A comprehensive approach to the verb tenses we can use in English to talk about the future (b1 level)

"Going to" to talk about the future

WILL  to talk about the future

Present simple uses to talk about the future

Present continuous uses  to talk about the future

We have some more videos to help us understand:

Here you have some games to practice too:

I hope you find it useful!
Bye, bye, butterflies!


  1. Hello.Of what page do we have to do the ex. of english? Jacinto

    1. Page 81, grammar section, exercise 1.
      You're welcome.

  2. Hello Remei i can´t play the game of talking about the future? Bye Jesus

    1. You were right, Jesús. I fixed it! You should be able to access now!