Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Unit 8 - Vocabulary: Household objects

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In this unit we're learning about the key vocabulary related to Household objects.

This is the B1 list of the vocabulary we're learning about with the definitions:


air-conditioning (n)
the system that keeps the air in a room, building, etc. cool and dry
armchair (n)
a soft comfortable chair with sides which support your  arms
basin (n)
a round open bowl often used for mixing or cooking food
blanket (n)
a cover made of wool, etc. that is put on beds to keep people warm
bookshelf (n)
a long flat piece of wood, glass, etc. that is fixed to a wall or in a cupboard, used for putting books on
carpet (n)
thick material that is used for covering floors and stairs
chest of drawers (n)
a piece of furniture with drawers in it that is used for storing clothes, etc.
cooker (n)
a large piece of kitchen equipment for cooking using gas or electricity. It consists of an oven, a flat top on which pans can be placed and often a grill (= a device which heats the food from above).
cupboard (n)
a piece of furniture, usually with shelves inside and a door or doors at the front, used for storing food, clothes, etc.
curtain (n)
a piece of cloth that you can move to cover a window, etc.
cushion (n)
a bag filled with soft material, for example feathers, which you put on a chair, etc. to make it more comfortable
dishwasher (n)
a machine that washes plates, cups, knives, forks, etc.
dustbin (n)
a large container for rubbish that you keep outside your house
fan (n)
a machine with parts that turn around very quickly to create a current of cool or warm air
fork (n)
a small metal object with a handle and two or more prongs (= long pointed parts) that you use for lifting food to your mouth when eating
freezer (n)
a large box or cupboard in which you can store food for a long time at a temperature below freezing point (0°Celsius) so that it stays frozen
fridge (n)
a metal container with a door in which food, etc. is kept cold (but not frozen) so that it stays fresh
frying pan (n)
a flat pan with a long handle that is used for frying food
furniture (n)
the things that can be moved, for example tables, chairs, beds, etc. in a room, house or office
handle (n)
a part of sth that is used for holding or opening it
iron (n)
an electrical instrument with a flat bottom that is heated and used to smooth clothes after you have washed and dried them
jug (n)
a container with a handle used for holding or pouring liquids
kettle (n)
a container with a lid, used for boiling water
knife (n)
a sharp blade with a handle. A knife is used for cutting things or as a weapon.
lamp (n)
a device that uses electricity, gas or oil to produce light
microwave (n)
a type of oven that cooks or heats food very quickly using microwaves (= short electric waves)
mug (n)
a large cup with straight sides and a handle
oven (n)
the part of a cooker shaped like a box with a door on the front. You put food in the oven to cook or heat it.
pan (n)
a metal container with a handle or handles that is used for cooking food in
pillow (n)
a large cloth bag filled with soft material that you put under your head when you are in bed
plate (n)
a flat, usually round, dish for eating or serving food from
refrigerator (n)
(formal) = fridge
saucepan (n)
a round metal pot with a handle that is used for cooking things on top of a cooker
shelf (n)
a long flat piece of wood, glass, etc. that is fixed to a wall or in a cupboard, used for putting things on
sink (n)
a large open container in a kitchen, with taps to supply water, where you wash things
spoon (n)
an object with a round end and a long handle that you use for eating, mixing or serving food
table(cloth) (n)
piece of cloth that you use for covering a table, especially when having a meal
tap (n)
a type of handle that you turn to let water, gas, etc. out of a pipe or container
towel (n)
a piece of cloth or paper that you use for drying sb / sth / yourself
vase (n)
a container that is used for holding cut flowers
washbasin (n)
a large bowl for water that has taps and is fixed to a wall, in a bathroom, etc.
washing machine (n)
an electric machine for washing clothes
wastepaper basket (n)
a container in which you put paper, etc. that is to be thrown away

Here you have some games related to this topic so you can practice spelling, the vocabulary and writing:

Spelling, vocabulary and writing exercises on household items
Spelling, vocabulary and writing exercises on household items

I hope you found these useful! Bye, bye, butterflies!


  1. Hello Remei ,I already had do the first activity of the spelling city and in the words said me that are incorrect whe are correct and in the end I have 30/43 and said me that I have 0 %
    marisa =)

    1. Hello, Marisa! In my record it says that you didn't finish any of the games! We'll check again tomorrow. Keep up the good work!