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Vocabulary: Technology

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In this unit we're learning about the key vocabulary related to Technology.

Unit 9 - Vocabulary by Slidely Slideshow

This is the B1 list of the vocabulary we're learning about with the definitions:


calculator (n)
a small electronic machine used for calculating figures
CD (n)
a small, round, flat piece of hard plastic on which sound or information is recorded. You listen to a CD using a machine called a CD player.
CD-ROM (n)
a CD on which large amounts of information, sound and pictures can be stored, for use on a computer
CD player (n)
a machine on which you can listen to sound that has been recorded on a CD
computer (n)
an electronic machine that can store, find and arrange information, calculate amounts and control other machines
connect (v)
to be joined to sth; to join sth to sth else
connection (n)
the state of being linked to sth, e.g. the Internet
digital (adj)
using an electronic system that uses the numbers 1 and 0 to record sound or store information, and that gives results of a high quality
disc / disk (n)
a CD or disk (= a thin flat round object) for a computer
DVD (player) (n)
digital videodisc or digital versatile disc; a disk on which large amounts of information, especially photographs and video, can be stored, for use on a computer or DVD player
electronic (adj)
using the technology used to produce computers, radios, etc.
electronics (n)
the technology used to produce computers, radios, etc.
email (n)
a way of sending electronic messages and data from one computer to another
equipment (n)
the things that are needed to do a particular activity
(the) Internet (n)
the international system of computers that makes it possible for you to see information from all around the world on your computer and to send information to other computers
invent (v)
to think of or make sth for the first time
invention (n)
a thing that has been made or designed by sb for the first time
IT (n)
the study or use of electronic equipment, especially computers, for collecting, storing and sending out information
keyboard (n)
the set of keys on a piano, computer, etc.
laptop (n)
a small computer that is easy to carry and that can use batteries for power
laser (n)
a device that produces a controlled line of very powerful light
machine (n)
a piece of equipment with moving parts that is designed to do a particular job. A machine usually needs electricity, gas, steam, etc. in order to work.
mobile phone (n)
a small telephone that you can carry around with you
mouse (n)
a piece of equipment, connected to a computer, for moving around the screen and entering commands without touching the keys
mouse mat (n)
a small piece of material that is the best kind of surface on which to use a computer mouse
network (n)
a number of computers that are connected together so that information can be shared
online (adj)
controlled by or connected to a computer or to the Internet
print (v)
to put words, pictures, etc. onto paper by using a special machine
printer (n)
a machine that prints out information from a computer onto paper
programme (US program) (v)
to give a set of instructions to a computer
screen (n)
the glass surface of a TV or computer where the picture or information appears
software (n)
the programmes, etc. used to operate a computer
switch on / off (phr v)
to press a switch in order to start / stop electric power
turn on / off (phr v)
to start / stop the flow of electricity, water, etc. by moving a switch, tap, etc.

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